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Once they have contacted me i make sure i know exactly what the customer wants completed and their address so i can get an accurate online quote for them. Then i set up an appointment and answer any and all questions and concerns.


Other than years of experience i have attended numerous online seminars for training and networked with industry leaders to ensure i stay up to date on leading industry standards.

I started out doing pressure washing by looking for a way to provide for my family. I started researching everything from the basics to professionally soft washing with different solutions. Networking with professionals and testing out equipment and solutions for months and found out how much i enjoy my job now.


I have worked with all kinds of customers.

I recently did a roof oxidation removal on a resort in Tampa Florida. It was a two day project with a beautiful view of the river.


Always ensure the provider you choose is following industry standard guidelines and that they are not using pressure where they shouldn’t such as on a roof or around windows and fragile trim.

What processes are used?
What detergents may be used?
Does my project need restoration work or just cleaned?

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